Task Force 47 is a proud member of Obsidian Fleet, and this is our website; just our little part of the world and our way of showing off everything that Task Force 47 has to offer. From here you can see our currently active ships, peruse our database of information and even answer the call to take the center chair yourself.

Commanded by Major General Iain MacTaryn, Task Force 47 has the unique distinction of being the only Task Force in the Fleet commanded by a Marine. From the Task Force Headquarters at Camp Falkirk deep in uncharted space, Major General MacTaryn keeps the peace, and commands the whole of Task Force 47 with distinction.

Starfleet has begun a new age of discovery. After decades of conflict and diplomacy Starfleet has returned to its roots of science and exploration. Ex Astris Scientia: From the Stars, Knowledge. Task Force 47 is at the vanguard of that assault, leading the way boldly in to the great unknown in search of knowledge and of adventure. There are countless worlds and civilizations that have yet to be discovered and much more to be discovered about ourselves that can ever truly be accomplished in a lifetime.

Do you have the courage to lose sight of the shore? To leave the comforts of home behind and go out into the great unknown in search of knowledge, enlightenment, and adventure? New worlds await, old words need to be rediscovered and the great cycle of knowledge continued. Do you have what it takes to join in on that adventure?

Join us on the adventure, and you could become the next Avenger of Task Force 47.

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