Task Force 47 Staff

Major General Iain MacTaryn

The eldest of four boys, Iain and his family were very active in the Scottish cultural community. From an early age he was taken by the stories of his numerous ancestors that had served in the Royal Marines, the MACO’s and the SFMC over the generations, including his own Father. For Iain, that was the only life he wanted to lead from that early age. Both stocky and gangly at the same time. He’s not a physical specimen of the male physique, but he is certainly not a weak individual.

Speaks with a strong Scottish burr, but slower than most of his brethren, reducing the thickness of his accent to something more intelligible to his ‘colonial’ counterparts as well as his English/Irish brethren.

Major General Iain MacTaryn is played by Markus, a veteran of Obsidian Fleet since 2009.

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